Coding – for making your own classroom tools | My first: a currency converter

This week in Year 6 maths, we are doing decimals and specifically, currency conversions. This is normally a hazardous topic (“Do I multiply?”, “Do I divide?”, “Am I buying or selling?”, “What are Yen??!”) and I went on the Web to see if I could find a simple app that would allow me to:

  • demonstrate conversions in a simple way
  • allow the pupils use an ad-free site
  • set my own conversions rates, as per the exercises in the book (very crucial!)

Of course, XE Currency Converter or other such well-known sites didn’t tick any of these boxes. I quickly got sick of searching and just decided that I would code my own simple ‘ web app’ in Scratch. It literally took me only 2 and a half hours but I think that it definitely adheres to my criteria mentioned above. It has also allowed me to stretch my own coding abilities in a very practical and relevant way. I have no doubt that there are endless possibilities for teachers to create their own such ‘web apps’ in order to enhance and help their own lessons, not just in maths but in all subject areas. Not to mention the casual CPD they would be receiving in Computing! Give it a try – you could really surprise yourself!

Currency Exchange

Scratch Currency Converter

If anyone has any suggestions of websites that would have allowed me to do roughly the same thing, I’d love to see what else is out there. Also, if anyone spots any bugs in my work, I would greatly appreciate the tip off. For either of these, please leave a comment. Cheers!